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Bursary applications awaited

The Gibela Rail Transport Consortium invites students with an interest in the fields of mathematics, science, engineering, technology and accounting to apply for bursaries.

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Passenger trains driven by traction motors provide a faster, smoother ride

It is important that commuter trains waste as little time as possible when leaving platforms, not only to save passengers time when travelling from station to station, but also to allow for trains to arrive at the station in quick succession, especially during peak periods.

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There is no career not meant for women - This is why

There is no career that is not meant for women, says Gibela procurement operations executive Colette Yende.

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Commuter rail on the rise

Railroad equipment supplier Gibela aims to elevate commuter rail as the transport mode of choice by contributing to safe and reliable public transport, in line with the transport sector’s objectives.

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