Working with Gibela

Localisation is one of the four pillars of Gibela’s economic development policy. The company is developing a sustainable local supplier base by leveraging Alstom’s expertise to help revitalise South Africa’s railway manufacturing industry.

The plan includes purchasing local raw materials and components to ensure maximum South African content and to equip established and emerging local rail enterprises with the capabilities that will allow them to become global competitors.

The success of the rolling stock project is underpinned by Gibela’s efforts and ability to find the best synergies by using our experience as a system integrator, together with skilled suppliers, to find optimal solutions and achieve the highest manufacturing standards.

Gibela collaborates with global suppliers to secure rail components that are not currently manufactured in South Africa to establish a local base. The idea is to pair international heavyweights with emerging local suppliers in joint venture partnerships to nurture the local supplier base and facilitate the important transfer of technology.

The company has already recorded success in expanding the capacity of local suppliers to enable them to deliver on the rolling stock contract.

Gibela’s supply chain management and development strategy has been strengthened by the establishment of the supplier park at the Dunnottar facility where train components will be manufactured.