Our Trains

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Our Trains

The X’Trapolis Mega is a South African first.

The X’Trapolis Mega

These state-of-the-art trains have been developed to accommodate South Africa’s 1.067m gauge rail tracks. The X’trapolis Megas – each 131m long and weighing 220 tonnes – are already in service in some parts of the country.

The first 20 trains were built at Alstom’s Lapa plant in Brazil – two as test trains and 18 for commercial service. South Africans were among the manufacturing team in Lapa, as part of an ambitious skills transfer programme. Raw materials from South Africa were shipped to Brazil, in line with Gibela’s commitment to a minimum of 65% South African content.

As more trains roll off Gibela’s Ekurhuleni production line, more will be deployed on Metrorail routes around South Africa, to the benefit of growing numbers of South Africa’s rail commuters.

Rail commuters in the country are currently estimated to number about 2.3-million and the figure is expected to double in the next 20 years. Gibela’s goal is for rail commuters to experience unprecedented levels of safety, comfort, speed and reliability from its new trains.

The X’Trapolis Mega’s stand-out features include:

1. Capacity of up to 1 200 passengers in six cars – the modular design allows for adjustment during periods of higher and lower demand

2. Travelling speed of up to 120km/h, which can be increased to 160km/h

3. Latest international safety features, including an anti-crash system designed to protect drivers and passengers

4. Lightweight structure, using South African stainless steel, consuming significantly less energy than standard trains

5. Numerous other energy-saving features, such as regenerative braking that delivers a 30% reduction in energy consumption; energy generated by the train’s braking system is directed into the train's power network, reducing carbon emissions and costs

6. Components that are 90% recyclable

7. Six wide double doors per coach, providing commuters easy access, particularly for those who are mobility challenged, the elderly and parents with pushchairs

    The X’Trapolis Mega’s stand-out features include:

    8. Spacious interiors, making for easy movement inside the trains

    9. Large exterior windows providing lots of natural light, supported by various LED lighting options

    10. Wide, unobstructed gangways, ensuring uninterrupted views down the train to enhance safety and security

    11. Air-conditioning

    12. Closed-circuit television cameras

    13. Wi-Fi internet access

    14. Large ergonomic toilets on board some of the trains

      Our progress

      More than a million kilometres of cumulative mileage have been reached since the start of the trains’ commercial operations in Pretoria North.