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11 Jul 2022

Prasa launches 100 new locally manufactured trains

The transport department and the parastatal unveiled the 100th locomotive set, which is produced locally by the Gibela Consortium.

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Applications open for 13 Gibela-sponsored training programmes

Unemployed South Africans in KwaThema, Tsakane, Duduza and the immediate surrounding areas in Ekurhuleni, Gauteng, are invited to apply for a number of technical and business skills training opportunities provided by the Gibela Rail Transport Consortium

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Committed to the social and economic success of Ekurhuleni

Train manufacturer Gibela is deeply committed to ensuring South Africa’s socio-economic success, and particularly to set the seal on the economic and social advancement of the communities nearby its main plant, in Ekurhuleni, Gauteng.

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Gibela alerts potential bursary applicants to a scam

The Gibela Rail Consortium has issued a warning to potential applicants about a video which has been circulated on social media and other channels, including TikTok about Gibela bursaries.

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6 Feb 2022

Gibela highlights bogus scam relating to its 2022 bursaries, closing on 15 February 2022

Dear prospective Gibela bursary applicant. Please note that this link – – is circulating INCORRECT information about Gibela’s bursary application process.

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26 Jan 2022

Gibela highlights jobs scam in Springs

Gibela Rail Transport Consortium is aware of fake advertisements for jobs doing the rounds. The current scam is based in Springs, Gauteng, and the perpetrators are using a fake website address ( and fake cell phone number (087 133 0015) to advertise so-called jobs at Gibela. These are not genuine positions offered at the company.

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Apply now for a Gibela Rail Transport Consortium bursary

Gibela Rail Transport Consortium is calling for applications for 200 bursaries that will be awarded for 2022.

Bursaries are available to students who are already studying or have enrolled at universities, universities of technology, or technical and vocational education and training (TVET) colleges.

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SA is going a through a commuter rail revolution. We spoke to Gibela CEO Hector Danisa about it.

As someone who grew up in a mud hut near Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal, Hector Danisa admits he is a little surprised that he is now playing a leading role in recreating South Africa’s rail industry.

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Bursary applications awaited

The Gibela Rail Transport Consortium invites students with an interest in the fields of mathematics, science, engineering, technology and accounting to apply for bursaries.

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Passenger trains driven by traction motors provide a faster, smoother ride

It is important that commuter trains waste as little time as possible when leaving platforms, not only to save passengers time when travelling from station to station, but also to allow for trains to arrive at the station in quick succession, especially during peak periods.

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There is no career not meant for women - This is why

There is no career that is not meant for women, says Gibela procurement operations executive Colette Yende.

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“Young women can work in any sector”: Colette Yende, Procurement Operations Executive, Gibela

Colette Yende is Procurement Operations Executive at Gibela, which manufactures train sets for the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA). This means she has to ensure that any supplies Gibela requires for manufacturing are ready when needed. To do this efficiently, she must also manage Gibela’s relationships with its suppliers.

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Full steam ahead for young women in the engineering and industrial sector: Mahadi Funeka, Industrial Planning Manager, Gibela

Mahadi Funeka is responsible for all planning activities and for ensuring that all the resources required for Gibela to manufacture train sets at its plant in Nigel on the East Rand are there when they are needed. This incorporates risk identification, formulating a long-term strategic master production schedule and introducing it to all the relevant staff members.

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