Gibela school outreach programme touches lives

When Gibela moved its central offices to Dunnattor, Ekurhuleni, it saw the need to work with the communities in the area, including Duduza, Tsakane, KwaThema and Alra Park.

This is part of Gibela’s ongoing Make A Difference campaign, which brings together projects that are primarily focused on education, social and skills development.

Gibela partnered with the East Rand district office for the Gauteng Department of Education and identified six schools in the area to work with. Once the schools were identified, the company went on a week-long roadshow, donating school shoes and hygiene packages to them.

The schools were:

  1. MOM Sebone Secondary School, Duduza

  2. Sizwesethu Primary School, Duduza

  3. KwaThema Primary School, KwaThema

  4. Nkumbulo Secondary School, KwaThema

  5. Tsakane Primary School, Tsakane

  6. Alra Park Primary School, Alra Park

A total of 1 464 school shoes, 859 hygiene packs and 819 T-shirts were donated to the identified primary and secondary schools.

The roadshow was a huge success for Gibela. Various other stakeholders attended the school events, including ward councillors from the communities; the director of the Gauteng Department of Education; school governing body representatives; local media; and Gibela shareholders.

The Make A Difference campaign provides a great opportunity for Gibela to tell personal and touching stories about its commitment and contribution to the trajectory and life circumstances of the many schoolgoing kids who have been touched by our advocacy initiatives, such as this outreach programme.

The initiative is premised on the concepts of good neighbourliness, relationship building, and making a contribution towards issues that mean a lot to the communities surrounding our factory, while leaving behind a sustainable legacy.

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