A career with Gibela

Real possibilities. Real contribution. Influence the future.

Do you want to catapult your career to new heights? Gibela could be the vehicle for your career success.

At Gibela, your future is yours to define. You will join a team that is creating a new era in commuter train manufacture and rail travel in South Africa – one that will take rail commuting for all South Africans to a whole new level.

It is a huge job, requiring skills we have either lost as a country over time or have never had, which is why Gibela is committed to attracting and retaining the right South African talent by providing an environment where fulfilling railway industry careers are established, nurtured, maintained and grown.

We want to find and work with people who are achievement-driven, passionate, distinctive in thinking and ready to accept new and greater challenges.

Our offering and promise to Gibela people includes:

Industry expertise

We are poised to deliver 600 trains to the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) in a manufacturing and service contract valued at R51 billion. With the construction of a world-class manufacturing plant at Dunnottar in Ekurhuleni, Gauteng, our project will also make South Africa a leading exporter of commuter trains and other railway products to the rest of the African continent. So, a significant focus for us, now and into the future, is the transfer of world-class rail manufacturing technology and skills to South Africans.

Endless opportunities

As a Gibela employee, you will join us on a new, exciting and history-making journey. You will participate in our career development programme, work at our shareholder’s sites around the globe and be able to build the career profile that you want for yourself – your personal roadmap.


Your personal growth will be in your hands – but with us giving you guidance and practical assistance, be it through on-the-job training; coaching or exciting assignments. These include but are not limited to:

  • Rail-related technical training
  • Tertiary and post-graduate studies support
  • Management programmes
  • Leadership development programmes
  • Executive coaching


Gibela is a high-performance organisation. While we offer meaningful work in the frontline and behind the scenes of the project, we expect exceptional performance from our employees, which is generously recognised and rewarded.


You will be part of a team that is supported by global infrastructure, technology and expertise. A team focused both on achieving the on-time delivery of commuter trains to our customer and to adding value to the South African economy through economic development. At Gibela, you will hear a great deal about economic development. It is a non-negotiable, deliverable term of our contract, and centres around:

  • local content;
  • skills development;
  • job creation;
  • enterprise development; and
  • socio-economic development

What we expect from our people is:

  • Commitment to our growth and success
  • Delivery on our customer’s expectations and to its obligations
  • Buy-in to and practice of Gibela’s values of trust and respect; teamwork and partnership; focus and drive; and influencing the future
  • Dedication to continuous improvement and delivery on our economic development imperative

Take the first step, apply today!