Becoming a supplier

Gibela invites South African suppliers to contact our sourcing department to explore supply opportunities resulting from the project.

The sourcing team would specifically like to hear from local suppliers classified as black empowered enterprises, qualifying small enterprises and black women-owned entities, based on:

  • Capability

  • Technical and quality compliance

  • Localisation

  • Economic development

Suppliers who are keen to explore and pursue opportunities with Gibela and who specifically operate in the railway industry are encouraged to:

  • Familiarise themselves with the rolling stock project

  • Complete the supplier registration form to register on Gibela’s supplier database

The registration form prompts potential suppliers to provide a detailed presentation of products that fit the railway industry in one of the market codes or categories listed; provide an outline of the entity’s track record in rail-related industrial activities; and give an indication of the B-BBEE status per relevant field, as well as contact details.

The online self-registration form represents an expression of interest from the supplier to conduct business with Gibela. Once submitted, the supplier details will be assessed for relevance to Gibela’s business and, where there is compatibility, further contact will be made for a full trade qualification should a suitable sourcing opportunity or requirement arise.

Please note:

Registration, or full trade qualification, does not guarantee business from Gibela, nor does it represent a contractual agreement or arrangement in any way.

Suppliers will be notified of specific trade opportunities via dedicated sourcing platforms run by the responsible sourcing teams as they arise. Although you have submitted information electronically, you may be required to complete additional manual forms and submit these to Gibela.

The company reserves the right to verify all credentials submitted before qualifying any supplier as an approved trade vendor.

Contact details for South African suppliers

Comfort Mogorosi

Tel: +27 (0)71 603 9421

Please enter your personal and company details on the general supplier registration portal.